Friday, 25 May 2012

8 Work From Home Jobs For Freelance Writers

The Internet has ushered in the era of working at home and making a considerable amount of money. Working from home is an ideal option for students and especially housewives who would like to take care of their household chores, kids and still make money. Pursuing a career in writing has become the most sought after work from home jobs.
Freelance writers working at home are expected to be able to write on a variety of subjects ranging from technology to gourmet cuisines. So if you are confident about your writing skills taking up different writing jobs from home is an ideal option.
EBook Writer: eBooks are the online version of print books though this version is shorter than the original; it contains the necessary content to answer the queries of every customer. Writing an eBbook takes a lot of time and effort as much as writing a book which will be printed.
Content Writer: Websites survive in cut-throat competition based on fresh content. Content writers are hired by busy entrepreneurs to generate fresh content for their company websites. Applying first at start-ups is recommended to hone your skills and then move on to bigger companies.
Essay Writer: Essay writing basically involves writing on academic or business related topics. The writer must have perfect grammar and excellent comprehension of various topics along with understanding of APA, MLA, etc.
Blogger: Blogging websites provided by Google has now allowed everyone to publish their works on the Internet for others to read. Though many start off with their own personal blogs first and then move onto corporate blogging. Corporate blogging is important for conglomerates to stay in touch with their customers and keep up with the changing dynamics of the market.
Forum Poster: Though forum posting is considered an easy job since it does not require excellent writing skills and grammar. The writer is expected to start forums based on current and discussable topics to attract more web users to speak out their opinions. The pay might not be good initially but it is a good starting point for your career in home jobs.
Ghostwriter: This job makes you write articles but gives you no credit for the work published. The job pays well but there is no success or fame attached to your name no matter how successful your articles might be.
Resume Writer: This job is fast catching on due to the popularity of online job portals. There is no dearth of job seekers who wish to have a very professional looking resume and cover letter. Hence resume writers are expected to present the resume in a manner that grabs the attention of the employer. The resume must also appropriately outline educational qualifications and past professional experiences.
Copywriter: The Internet is surviving on advertisements. The need for copywriters is increasing every day. Hence if you have the skills do not miss out on cashing in on this opportunity.
To work as a writer from home is a lucrative option for many hence look out for your dream job and work in the comfort of your home.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Get Paid For Your Love of Writing Through Essay Writing Jobs

Essay Writing Jobs can secure a full time income for those interested in this genre of writing jobs. Before entering into the job one needs to pay attention and get enlightened with the requirements for the profile; risks involved, rights to be secured and the benefits gained.
As any other form of writing, essay writing also requires good command over the English language usage and grammar, along with effective communication skill and diversified knowledge background. As a beginner one needs to showcase his/her academic as well as writing achievements. Each client will require your wide knowledge and experience proof; hence you need to have a good resume, which should highlight your knowledge, experience and skills to satisfy their demand.
Apart from the language skills and writing to the client's erratic guidelines, you should have the following qualities: 
(i) Always be motivated to work on your own 
(ii) Have a admirable customer services skills 
(iii) You are accountable for your work, so maintain a professional attitude when dealing with your customers.

Essay writers offer services in a much broader area. There are great possibilities of your writing being stolen. To avoid this one should keep in mind that 
• Do not work for companies demanding complete/full copyrights 
• Ensure while getting into contract that your writings cannot be redistributed 
• Assure your client of your quality and deadline, adhere to the same and be honest enough that your writings are original 
• If suspicious about your clients intention you can as well upload your writings on the web to secure them

Also, you should be cautious enough that you are paid for the service rendered, ensure that the type of clients and customers you select are reliable. 
The other point to be concentrated is that to enhance your client list you should be strong enough in business. You can create your own domain or you can join some good writing association and publish as many as articles as possible.
Hope all the above said points are been considered by you to incorporate in your career as I strongly feel that the points are mentioned are helpful. However writing is great career, with unlimited opportunities though it seems to be a though endeavor, to move on and succeed one should follow the golden rule is always be flexible.

The Biggest Tip For Writing a History Essay

If you're in high school, then you know one of the required courses that you had to take was a history course. In fact, you have probably taken several throughout the years. However, you probably didn't enjoy writing a history essay. For some reason, people have troubles when it comes to writing this particular type of essay simply because many do not see why it is relevant today and why it should be something that they have to do a paper on. In short, you can't see the relevance of writing a paper on what happened many years ago the life they are living today.
However, all history has relevance to where we are today. That said however, you probably want to know some tips for writing a good history essay. First of all, realize that the subject of history has very little to do with dates although you will have to remember that. Instead, what history try to teach us is various important events that happened and the lessons we can learn from. In this, above all else, is the basis of a good history essay. The last thing you want to do is just have your essay be a chronological essay that is devoid of any human touch, creativity, or issues at all.
The thing is, this is what many beginning history essay writers tend to do. They take the event at face value and just list of dates, names, places without delving into the events and the reasons for those dates, names, places. While this will make for a factual paper it will not make for a very readable or good essay. Remember, the goal of history is to teach us where we fail so that we don't repeat the mistakes again. And as such, the goal a good history essay is to show why this event is relevant and what we can learn from it.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Essay Assistance - Does Everyone Need Essay Assistance?

As any writer will know, they are not the best person to look for any errors or omissions in their work. Read it through, certainly, pick up some obvious mistakes, of course. However, being 'too close' to your writing is one of the reasons that book editors exist, and of course the same applies to essay writing.
As an essay writer your main task is to research and develop a coherent argument, within the quite formal structure of an essay. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are extremely important when writing an essay on a subject which calls for good language skills - English Literature, for example. However, an essay on other subjects also needs to adhere to similar grammatical standards. The rules of grammar exist for a positive purpose, such as ease of communication and to avoid ambiguity, not simply for some arcane reason lost in the mists of time.
Essay assistance is exactly the type of coursework help which students at all levels can benefit from. There is no question of such essay assistance infringing any academic codes of conduct. It would of course be totally wrong for academic writing to depend on outside help, such as ghosting or plagiarism, and strict standards govern the type of essay assistance which can be legitimately offered.
Nevertheless, it is true to say that a student with excellent grammatical standards will hold an advantage over a candidate who may excel in every other way. This is what essay assistance is designed to counterbalance.
Another aspect of essay writing which can be overlooked is that of presentation. The handwritten essay of previous centuries has largely been consigned to history. This certainly creates a level playing field for all academic writing to be presented neatly and legibly. However, not all academic writing skills extend to a good knowledge of one of the standard word processing programs such as Microsoft Word. This is another area for essay services to provide coursework help.
Assistance with the essay's format can be vital in ensuring consistency throughout. Therefore your assignment may be improved by managing your heading and text formatting correctly, inserting page breaks in the correct places, and perhaps adding headers and footers to your work. The end result should demonstrate your essay writing skills to the fullest extent.
No-one else could (or should) write your essay for you, in your own style, with your own research. Whether you would be able to write the same essay, to the same standards, without some appropriate essay assistance, is a different matter. Your thoughts and opinions are your own, but words and their accurate use are common to everybody. At the end of the day, you should have pride in your essay. It is what represents you and you alone.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Basics of English Essay Writing

When asked to compose this type of essay, you should know that the main aim of your paper will be to bring out what you have for English language skills. A lot of such essays will be required in situations in which a transition into another career is feasible. For example, it will be required that you write this type of essay if you are submitting your application for a job.
There are so many topics that will be given for such a paper. In a good number of cases, just any type of topic will be given to you. In most cases, the topic will be descriptive, analytic or evaluative. This means that you may either know what is required by the topic or you may not. But there should be no problem if you fail to know the requirements of the topic. This is because the fine ideas will not count much. What will be needed from you is a mastery of the English language and keep in mind that this can still be possible without you knowing everything about the topic.
This is an English paper in which much will not be required from you. Remember that you are writing an essay and not a term paper. Therefore, you should not forget to start writing with an outline. You need to know what you are writing about and you need to have what it takes to lead your writing to success. These can only be possible if you use an outline in composing your paper. Remember that in an attempt to be very careful about what you write about, you may have to make errors or the course of your writing may change. With the outline, it will be easier for you to go back to your original course.
One requirement for writing an English script is to make your English as simple as possible. You should always write with your readers in mind. Remember that writing in English is not all about writing verbose or superfluous language. There has never been a case where the use of the simplest language has never been lauded. Take note about this because the type of language you use may be taken to note a first impression about you. This is especially in cases in which you are making an application for a job or for admission to college.
English essay writers should also know that when writing the English paper, the paper should be a replication of the English language. Therefore, take time to revise, edit and proofread your paper. Remember that the merits of your paper will be judged on their face value. Nothing will be implied like in other subjects. Your sentences should be short and precise, your grammar should be perfect, and your paragraphs should be linked together by appropriate transitions

Sunday, 6 May 2012

How To Make Essay Writing Interesting For Kids?

My eight year old is a fiend. She read To Kill a Mockingbird in an afternoon and right now she's breezing through Chekhov. She types over 90 words per minute and sometimes writes up to twelve or fourteen pages a day. She lives and breathes reading and writing and can't understand why everyone doesn't feel this way.
Still, when I mention the word 'essay' she recoils in horror. Up until last month, that is. Getting Adora to write has always been about as easy as getting ----to-----. When children thinking of writing as a form of entertainment they begin to write on their own initiative. However, when it came to essays, I had to get sneaky. To give you some idea of my far she has written 'All Day Candy Eating: the Pros and Cons', 'Taking Back the Power: Why Kids Should Have the Vote and Adults Shouldn't' and 'Why I Hate Fairytales'.
I think she had envisioned essay writing as some Draconian horror along the lines of the book report. My goal was to teach her to think of essay writing as what it really is: the world's best way to lay down an argument.
Adora, like most people, does her best writing when she's really interested in something, or when she's writing for herself or the people she loves most. Every time I told her to write an essay for class she'd come off sounding dull and drab, miles away from her normal vivacious and mischievous tone.
I decided there was no way she could be dull and drab when writing about one of her obsessions, so we switched gears away from the literary essay and settled on what really counts in the minds of most eight year olds: candy. As suspected, Adora found it impossible to be stiff when writing about candy. Her enthusiasm picked up like a good sugar high, and pretty soon the words were pouring out.
When she was done I broke the news: she'd written an essay and enjoyed it. Since then I've tried to broaden her understanding of the concept, pointing out that David Sedaris and Dave Barry are also essay writers, and likening essay writing to arguing, always a favorite pursuit.
Here are three simple tactics for getting kids to think of essay writing as something vital, and a form of entertainment.
If your kids complain about a household rule or request a new gadget, tell them to put it in writing. Have them state their case, giving all the reasons why they are right. In this way they will be practicing the fundamentals of essay writing in a relevant, and possibly rewarding, way. 
If your kids are angry or upset with you, a sibling, or a teacher, ask them to write about it, explaining exactly what happened, why they think it's unfair etc.

When they are first starting out, don't stress organization too much. Wait until they have begun to enjoy the writing process before cracking down on errors.
Although we started out silly, Adora has lost her fear of essays and now approaches them with the same zeal she has for fiction and poetry. Now that she has overcome her prejudice she is showing an interest for more academic topics. I'm happy about this, though I sometimes wonder about the wisdom of teaching your children more effective arguing tactics. This may come back to haunt me in her teenage years.....